FollowCher? More like StalkerCher/Daisy Duck’s Cousin?

16 Jun

It’s official: FollowCher, Cher, Cher Rose (whatever people call her) is a stalker. Upon being made aware of her celebrity stalker tendencies, we’re both frightened and impressed by her tenacity at finding celebrities to take pictures with. Yeah Cher, you live in New York, we get it. But to have that many pictures with celebrities clearly shows an obsession with Hollywood, not a knack for ending up in coincidental situations. Even worse, all her pictures, which you can find on her Twitpic account, feature the same face that is reminiscent of a nauseous duck. Daisy Duck’s long lost cousin, maybe?

We guarantee that we’re not the only ones that will pick up on this resemblance. To top it off, she wears that same hairstyle in every picture, just like Daisy has that stupid pink bow. What were they thinking?! Also, why does she post self-proclaimed unflattering pictures of herself on Twitter?

Does she want people to say, “No Cher, you don’t look ugly!”? Well, we’re definitely not saying it. Have Drake feed you some made up compliments since you two were spotted having a “moment” this afternoon. Hey Cher, you better find his lovin’, you better find his heart.



One Response to “FollowCher? More like StalkerCher/Daisy Duck’s Cousin?”

  1. Cher June 16, 2010 at 2:13 am #

    lmaoo this seriously made my day. thankyou for taking time out of your day to write a blog about me! and YES i am related to daisy duck, and YES im ugly, and OH YEAH, YESSSS I stalk celebrities. HAHAHAHAH your amazing, thanks

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