Kiersey “I Lie A Lot” Clemons.

16 Jun

Well, well, well. I’m sure we’ve all heard about the infamous Justin Bieber/Kiersey Clemons date, yet not everyone knew the full story. That’s until now, that is. This blog is about to let a lot into the open air, we just hope you’re ready.

So Justin asked Kiersey out back in January. Oh wait, that’s just what she told all of her followers. What actually happened is that Julian Swirsky asked Kiersey’s friend Nicole on a date, and Nicole wanted Kiersey to come along, so since Julian and Justin are friends, Justin went as Kiersey’s date. A lot different than what you thought happened, huh?

They went out to dinner and movie. Simple as that. Yet Kiersey took it upon herself to spread rumors that Justin tried to literally get in her pants and do some stuff that no Mama would be proud of. Hmm. However, Kenny Hamilton was there the whole time, and I seriously doubt Justin is bold enough to try and get to 3rd base with his bodyguard around, not only is that awkward, but supposedly Kiersey is prude. Or maybe she just acts like she’s prude to support her image of being a wholesome girl who loves God and homeless people, right?

(Thanks for the crotch shot, Kiers.)

Anyways, Kiersey tweeted about her date with Justin, and we hear that she gave away a little too much for Justin’s comfort, on top of the fact that she got busted for telling everyone what Justin tried to do with her. Too bad it was a bunch of  lies. On top of that she used to always tweet how Justin was creeping her Twitter. Hmm, maybe you shouldn’t have been so excited about his creeping, considering you got busted for lying. Rightfully so, Justin was mad. Now Kiersey acts like she hates him. For example, in the pictures below she tries to act like she doesn’t care about him. The first one is her Spanish assignment that translates to: “Do you think that Justin Bieber is handsome?” Of course she writes ‘no’. Not only did she write ‘no’,  but she felt the need to Twitpic it. Um, Kiersey, no one’s believing your whole act that you’re not bitter that you ruined your chances with Justin. In the second picture, she said she googled her name and that’s what came up, but she didn’t seem too happy about it. If you don’t like the result that came up, why tweet it? No one cares, you’re not convincing anyone but yourself.

If Kiersey truly didn’t care about Justin, she wouldn’t need to tweet things like this. He wouldn’t even cross her mind long enough for her to bother. Yet apparently he does. What’s funnier though is the fact that she thinks “Kiss and Tell” was written about her! Newsflash Kiersey: we know that “Kiss and Tell” had been recorded for Justin’s album and finished already. How do we know this? Well a couple lucky people heard the song a mere two days after your date with Justin. With the Grammys and then the “We Are The World” recordings and video, Justin didn’t have time to go pen a track about you, lay down vocals, and have all the production done a mere 2 days later. Guess that busts your theory, Kiersey.

What irks us about Kiersey is the fact that whenever someone criticizes her she chalks it up to jealousy and hatred. How come people genuinely can’t like her? We think she is two-faced and is just out to make friends with whatever celebrities she can. Is it because she doesn’t have the talent to make it in the industry without connections? That’s just our theory, but who knows. Kiersey, if you’re reading this: no one cares about your feelings on homeless people, the C-listers you hang out with, or your family and friends. No. Truth is, people are following you because they are dying to know the story. Dying to hear something about Justin. You wouldn’t have this many followers if it wasn’t for that situation, so don’t flatter yourself. So to sum it up, no, you don’t have Kiersettes. If it wasn’t for you leading people on about hanging out with JB you wouldn’t even have followers. Kiersey, you’re not all that and a bag of chips. You’re more like none of that and a stalk of celery. Of course we had to choose a food with negative calories to show just how much your existence (especially on Twitter) is not necessary.

Even if she hadn’t ruined her chances, we doubt it would’ve worked out between her and Justin. Let’s be honest, she has huge lips, ones which she pouts to make them look even bigger, and she uses those ginormous lips to take away the attention from her droopy eyes.

So Kiersey, now that your cover has been blown, we hope you realize you couldn’t hide behind your avoidance techniques for long. Hope you enjoyed this blog, but we’d appreciate if you didn’t read and tell. Don’t tell your homies, don’t tell your Mama, don’t your girlfriend that’ll start some drama. ; )

P.S. Since Justin told you to “stay off that FaceBook” (because “Kiss and Tell was written about you, right?), maybe you’ll want to after we do this:
Kiersey’s FaceBook name is Kiersey Nicole. Feel free to add her!



7 Responses to “Kiersey “I Lie A Lot” Clemons.”

  1. tammi June 17, 2010 at 1:10 am #

    i love ur blogs! there so true!

  2. dontworry June 17, 2010 at 4:50 am #

    tats not her fb name anymor
    its clemons kiers now

  3. yammmy June 19, 2010 at 7:16 pm #

    wow i love your blog! and that chick is seriously disturbed…

  4. f. July 27, 2010 at 2:31 am #

    WTF not anything is abou that dude justin bieber
    idk what i,m doing here but i dont wanna hear shit about uhumm JB

  5. kristentaylor August 31, 2010 at 3:32 am #

    bahahah oh dude, you’re such a bitch but i love your blog<3

  6. Paige August 31, 2010 at 6:46 am #

    your posts are sooooo true. u speak the truth : )

  7. LOLGUY December 1, 2010 at 6:25 am #

    Lol, dang!! I still think she is really pretty tho! Wifey Type 🙂

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