Contest Time!

17 Jun

As promised at 1,000 followers we said we’d announce 2 contests that have cool prizes!

The first contest is a contest for all those who are savy with Photoshop.

The “Background for Bieber Heiress” contest!

If we’re going to be taken seriously as a site, we need to look the part. So we would like anyone interested to Twitpic their backgrounds to us! The rules are that it obviously has to say “Bieber Heiress” with our twitter URL and blog URL. We’d also like an icon to match as our default picture. Yes, it can use pictures of Justin, but we’d prefer no more than one or two. Feel free to use no Justin pictures at all though! After all, the blog isn’t about him so much as it is about the people that follow him! We are unbiased though, backgrounds/icons with him and those without him with both be judged the same, on their creativity, neatness, and the colors used!

Deadline: Saturday, June 19th. We know it’s short, but we don’t want to drag the contest on forever.
Prize: The winning background/icon will obviously be used on our twitter profile, and more importantly, you guys will get a 30 minute AIM session with us, to ask us whatever you want about our feelings on Justin, rumors, etc.

Second contest! This is general, so more people can participate!

It’s the “DM it to Win it” contest!

Simple as this: Twitpic your BEST DM from Justin! It can be funny, serious, sweet, or even rude!
Deadline: Saturday, June 19!
Winner: 30 Minute AIM session with us to ask us whatever you want!
4 runners up will have their DMs (along with their twitter usernames) posted on our blog!!!

Start Twitpic-ing! And yes, you can enter BOTH contests!!!



2 Responses to “Contest Time!”

  1. Lindsay June 17, 2010 at 8:52 pm #

    Wait, do the DMs have to be real or can they be faked ?

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