Join Bieber Heiress!

23 Jun

Running this site is becoming too consuming for our limited forces, and with part of our team going off on vacation soon, we’re looking to add a couple more people to the Bieber Heiress staff!

Want to be crowned as an Heiress? If accepted to join us your duties would be very limited. We’re adding 3 new features to our site, and ideally, we’d like to find 3 people to add to our staff! As we said when we discussed introducing Spotlight, our goal as a blog is to evolve and feature more than just the gossip you guys crave. (Yes, we still will do gossip posts though!)

If you’re truly interested in becoming a part of our staff there is a 2-step process. First off, fill out this application:

Personal AND Fan Twitter(s):
Summer Commitments/Jobs: – So we know if you’ll be able to commit to writing for us.
Why You Want To Be A Part Of Bieber Heiress: This must be a thought out 5-10 sentence response.
A Little Bit About Yourself: Write as much or as little as  you want, but the more details the better, just don’t make it too long. We want to see if you have the same mindset as us. Tell us about your style, your musical taste, whatever you feel would make us get to know you better!
Email ALL applications to

We will review the applications, and if we’re interested in you we’ll contact you for round 2 of the application process, in which we’ll tell you the topics we’re interesting in finding staff for, and you’ll have to write a test blog so we can see your journalistic, syntax, and style skills. We take writing very seriously, so only apply if you feel that you’re aptly qualified.

Please take time to fill out your application, and feel free to tweet us to make sure we got it! We’re only accepting applications (FOR ROUND 1) till Friday; happy applying!



2 Responses to “Join Bieber Heiress!”

  1. aybaybay June 23, 2010 at 11:33 pm #

    when will you be picking/telling the people who applied if they are now apart of the staff ? and will you be letting people know if they didn’t make the staff ???????????!?!??!?!?!?!?

  2. MaddieLouise June 26, 2010 at 10:37 pm #

    Hey ya’ll, I was unfortunately a day late, because my email hasn’t been working due to Spam overload. I know, excuses, excuses, but I would really appreaciate if you all would still consider my application, as I feel I am very qualified or the position. Please keep in touch, and I hope ya’ll read my email!

    Live and Love,

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