Leave Kim Alone!

23 Jun

We don’t want to get all Chris Crocker on you guys, (leave Britney alone!), but leave Kim Kardashian alone! For weeks now we’ve seen people trash talking her for hanging out with Justin, sending her death threats, and accusing her of using him. Newslash: Kim is not dating Justin, and they’re not going to date. First off, that’s illegal! Well, not in Canada…but Kim lives in Los Angeles, not Ontario. So there’s no need to trash talk her or hate her; you’re not being realistic. That just shows the overwhelming jealousy that some Bieber fans have towards any girl in Justin’s life. Whether it’s Jasmine, Caitlin, or Kim, some fans find a way to hate them all by their delusional thoughts about Justin considering dating one of them and ruining your nonexistent chances.

More importantly though, she’s not using Justin! They both have successful careers, and their photoshoot wasn’t simply for her benefit. If anything, it helps Justin to do things with Kim because it better exposes him to an older audience. Let’s be realistic, if Kim was that desperate for negative attention, she could go make another sex tape. Clearly Justin and Kim are working together on some things, but that doesn’t mean it’s because she’s using him or he likes her. Kim and her sisters own stores that sell high end women’s clothing, she has her own fragrance line, and she does many appearances. She doesn’t need, nor want, a bunch of 12 year old girls “hating” her for touching their beloved sweetheart.

Sometimes we wonder if people use their brains, because the allegations and rumors you guys are still spreading about this situation and these pictures are absolutely ridiculous and they’re not logically sound at all. Calm your nerves please, and leave Kim Kardashian alone. She’s awesome, successful, and absolutely gorgeous with or without Justin.



One Response to “Leave Kim Alone!”

  1. Fiona August 10, 2010 at 7:38 pm #

    “She’s awesome, successful, and absolutely gorgeous with or without Justin.” So true, if only the beliebers would accept it. smh.

    So glad you made this blog. I love Kim Kardashian since the day I started watching her show. She so doesn’t deserve all this hate.

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