Project BieberAid – New Contest!

25 Jun

We said we’d announce a new contest at 2,000 followers, and here’s one that means a lot to us.

The head of Bieber Heiress and the head of Belieber Project are teaming up to raise money for cancer at Go follow @BieberAid, and for every follower, 5 cents will be donated to cancer research, with the specific association (breast cancer, leukemia, etc.) changing monthly. We’re even working on setting up a PayPal donation account so every one of you can donate to the cause as well!

Our ultimate goal is “Concert For The Cure”, in which we hope to raise enough money to book Justin Bieber, even for an acoustic set, and through a huge charity event the proceeds from the concert tickets would go to charity and we’d sell t-shirts and things of the sort to raise even more money for cancer. (To clarify: we would use our savings/fundraising to pay for Justin to perform, then the proceeds from that concert would be used to donate HUGE checks to all the different cancer associations we support!) We’re big fans, and we know he clearly has a multitude of other fans too, and we know a ton of people would come out and show support for both Justin and cancer if he performed!

Cancer touches every one of us in some way, so for our contest, we’d like all of you guys to make a YouTube video promoting Bieber Aid. You can get creative and do whatever you want, make a song, just talk, or go wherever your brain takes you! You don’t even have to be in it if you don’t want; it can just be a video with text!

Here are the video requirements:
– Mention how the leader of @BieberHeiress and the leader of @BelieberProject are teaming up.
– Mention that @BieberAid is the Twitter everyone should follow, and how 5 cents will be donated for every follower.
– Mention in detail our ultimate goal about the Bieber Aid “Concert For A Cure” idea featuring Justin Bieber.
– Must be under 5 minutes long.
– Title it “Bieber Heiress Contest”
– The rest is up to you!!!

The DEADLINE is July 6th.

We’ll watch EVERY video, and our 3 favorites will be posted on our blog for voting. The one that gets the most votes will win a super special secret prize from the ladies of Bieber Heiress and Belieber Project.

Come help us Spread The Love and work towards a Concert For The Cure.



3 Responses to “Project BieberAid – New Contest!”

  1. Jacqueline June 25, 2010 at 9:23 pm #

    Dou have to live in the U.S to make a vid ?

  2. mallialillian June 26, 2010 at 3:17 am #

    This is an amazing idea. I hope I can donate and I hope I can come to the Concert for the Cure if there is one! I’m sure Justin would love to do it if he can. He just seems like the kind of person that would support it. (:

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