Audrina Patridge: Vampire Chic?

26 Jun

These days it seems as though all of the celebrity A-listers are taking style tips from the Twilight Saga and are giving their fashion game a little bite. That was no exception for The Hills starlet Audrina Patridge this past weekend at the Much Music Video Awards.

We’re used to seeing Audrina sport fashions on The Hills that makes us want to go on a California shopping spree, but this makes us want to find some garlic. This skinny, black, knee-length, short sleeved, turtle neck dress is not only hard to talk about but hard to look at. When paired with odd gloves that almost meet the end of her sleeves and too much black eye liner, Audrina looks as though she should be dating Dracula, not Justin Bobby. The only upside to this dreadful disaster is the black peep-toe heels. Not only do we love them but we give them an A+. Maybe not all the items at Coffin Clothing are disturbing to man kind.
Now that The Hills is coming to an end, we hope that Audrina sticks to writing the book that we are all look forward too reading (insert eye roll here), and stays out of the vampire lane way.

Bieber Heiress’ Style Crew declares this a Celebrity Style SIN.



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