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Justin’s Friends

29 Jul

We get tons, and we mean tons, of requests every week asking us to blog, both positively and negatively about Justin’s friends. We like to see how you guys feel on things, so we’re wondering, who do you like best ou t of all the people Justin hangs out with? Ryan Butler, the Stratford boy who Justin’s known since he was 7? Chaz Somers, the hilarious kid Justin met at a hockey game? Julian Swirsky, a teenage producer who lives in L.A.? Or Sean Kingston, Justin’s tour buddy? Tell us below.

It may seem dumb, and we’re sure some of you feel like this is pointless, but polls like this help us get a better idea on who/what you like to read about, so vote! Thanks ladies (and whatever gentlemen might be reading this as well.)



Has Justin Changed?

28 Jul

Lately Bieber fans have been taking sides on the big question that many of you all wonder: “has Justin Bieber changed?” We’ve heard of him being rude to people at meet and greets and when he runs into fans randomly, and everyone of course talks about how he doesn’t tweet as many personal things as he used to anymore.

On one hand, Justin has a certain right to be guarded. Everyone thinks fame is living the life, and that there’s no reason to ever be upset when you’re famous, but that’s not the case. If anything, fame makes you more vulnerable than you’d be originally. Do you guys realize that everyday Justin has fans literally chasing him, trying to kiss him, and asking questions that really aren’t their business? Wouldn’t you feel defensive too if one day guys just randomly came up to you and tried to kiss you when you gave them a hug or chased you down for a picture when you’re just trying to shop? There’s a certain amount of space needed to not suffocate from the exposure. You guys hear about his life on the radio, on Twitter, through his friends, and on TV. A person can only make themselves so vulnerable until it becomes unhealthy and the lifestyle is no longer fun. Look how many teen stars, and adult stars on top of it, have lost it all because they just couldn’t take it anymore? We’re not implying that Justin doesn’t love his job, his fans, or his lifestyle. We’re just saying that there are certain times where he just wants space to be a kid.

On the other hand, it isn’t right to be rude to fans, and we know you all have heard stories about that being the case. We know that you guys paid upwards of $300 for your soundcheck tickets and don’t appreciate short, curt answers from him. We know that some of you guys worked really hard to win meet and greet passes. And we know it sucks after all that effort to have a bad experience. That by no means is okay. We totally understand the “we pay all Justin’s bills and buy all his stuff by supporting him” mentality. We get that it’s frustrating when he’s rude, even through DMs to you guys.

To the people that doubt that Justin sends rude DMs though, you need to get out of La La Land, it’s corrupting your mind into mindless ignorance. We’ve seen DMs from fans that have emailed us that say mean things and sometimes even swear words. So don’t think Justin is perfect and does no wrong; it’s not true.

Complaining that Justin’s tweets aren’t personal enough are just ridiculous. First off, he tweets more than basically any other celebrity on Twitter, and second off, his tweets are personal sometimes. He tells you guys what he’s doing and who he’s hanging out with. Isn’t that enough? Because some of you guys seem to want him to tweet about him brushing his teeth and tying his shoes as if those are some special actions that only Justin Bieber can do.

If you’re really upset about Justin’s behavior don’t spread drama. It’s a choice to be a fan, not an obligation. If it hurts you that much, remove yourself from being that attached to him. He makes mistakes, whether they’re right or not. It’s your decision to make to choose whether or not you should be a fan of his, it’s not his job to convince you. So the pity tweets to him need to stop. He’s not going to tweet/DM you saying “I’m sorry I’m a jerk at meet and greets and get frustrated with fans easily. Please still be my fan.” So if that’s what you want, don’t get your hopes up.

Do you guys realize that if you were out enjoying summer this drama wouldn’t start? But instead you guys sit on Twitter, gossip, start fights with each other, and complain. How ridiculous is that? We didn’t even hear about this drama till this morning because guess what we were doing last night when this was happening? Enjoying our summer with friends. Get off Twitter and enjoy your friends, your family, and the warm weather, and stop stressing yourself out about a guy hundreds of miles away from you who’s doing just that and living his dream on top of it, and his swarms of fans. Live your life and just have fun. Twitter drama is just unnecessary stress in your life.

Justin is 16, he makes rash decisions that mess up his relationships with people, in this case his fans, just like we do everyday when we say something we don’t mean to someone we care about in the heat of the moment. His actions aren’t right, but they’re not a lethal crime either. Forgive him and accept that he’s a normal teenager who messes up or keep acting like he’s Mary, the Mother of Jesus who does no wrong, and choose not to forgive him over this. It’s up to you, but either way, save the drama for your mama.


Let’s Make Something Very Clear…

26 Jul

Many of you guys have given us such positive feedback about starting a new branch of Bieber Heiress, HWood Heiress, but some of you guys are confused as to why we’d do the work to make/run two blogs when we “don’t post enough juicy blogs” on here.

First off, our sole goal IS NOT to simply post dirty blogs about people every day. Instead, we post the gossip you want to know, the stories we get from mutual friends, and the questions that you have. We’re not going to post mean blogs about people everyday just because. We only post blogs when we have a reason, and while some of you guys think we might be lowering the quality of our site by not posting crap about people everyday, we think we’re raising it. We want to give more aspects about Bieber related things on Twitter than just the lies people cover up. That’s why we blog about the drama that goes on and the rumors that aren’t true. We’re sorry that all of you secretly hate each other and ask us to post blogs everyday on the most random people, but that’s not happening. We get information from mutual friends of people we write about and by our own sources that we won’t mention. We’re not going to make up a blog off unfounded gossip for no reason. We post every blog about someone because there’s a desire for it, and we’re here to fulfill it. So please don’t tell us to go back to dirtier blogs, because that’s never been what we’re solely about. When we get information that we think you guys would like to know, we’ll post it. Until then, we post other blogs that we hope you guys will enjoy.

Second off, we know running two blogs is hard, and we’ve already gotten more friends to help out! But it only made sense to us, when we were deciding whether to continue this blog or not, to also try to establish a more legitimate blog. We have to face the reality that a blog like this can’t, and won’t last forever. So while we’ll enjoy the success while it’s here, we also want to put our talent as writers to a more feasible purpose. The girls that run this blog are not obsessed Bieber fans, and we know that one day we’ll get tired of posting about his drama, just how you’ll get tired of reading it. So that’s why we wanted to branch out.

To those of you who follow us, support us, and talk to us every single day, thank you, we love you all. But we know that’s not the case with all of you. If you guys just follow us or read our blog for us to be mean to people you have serious issues. We blog about people with proper grammar and with skilled writing, just like any legitimate, successful gossip site. It’s a way to work on our writing style and have fun. We get juicy information so we post it. But we’re not cruel and heartless, and we’re not going to post things for no reason or without support. So if that’s what you want, follow a trashier blog. There are tons of them.


Contest Winner: Elisa Krebs

26 Jul

If you remember, a while back we had a contest where we asked you guys to send us your videos promoting Bieber Aid (@BieberAid), an awesome movement started by our friend Sheila, where for every follower she gets she donates 5 cents of her own money to different cancer associations monthly. We got some really awesome entries, and it was hard to choose a winner! However, we think the video below took the cake:

Congrats Elisa! Everyone should go follow Elisa at @ElisaKrebs because she’s amazing! Support the video, and Bieber Aid, and post it all over Twitter! Help Elisa get the views she deserves and help Bieber Aid get the attention and support she deserves!

Together we can Kick Cancer.


Ask An Heiress: Freshman Fright

24 Jul
Dear Bieber Heiress,
In September I start my freshman year in High School and I’m kind of Nervous. First of all everyone is going to the same school because my school runs from 5-12th grade. I’m still kind of nervous because some people transferred so that means new [classmates are] coming in. I need help on choosing a new look; the thing is that we wear uniform (burgundy shirt with the school logo, black pants, black shoes) I don’t want everyone to know me as the same girl from 8th grade i want to be different and stand out a bit more. This summer I’ve hit the gym planning to lose some weight and my hair’s growing. I want to have a new look but my parents wont let me wear make-up or die my hair. Bieber Heiress what should i do for my return as a Freshman?
– Y
Dear Y,
With a strict uniform and rules against make-up and dyed hair, we can see how you’d feel stuck in reinventing yourself. However, like you said, trimming a few pounds will help people do a double-take when you come back in the fall, as they realize just how good you look. Don’t worry too much about make-up, guys like girls who look natural, and we know that everyone will tell you this and girls never want to believe it, but it’s true. Girls who cake on foundation and concealer “just because” are only making their skin worse, since make up clogs your pores. Keep it natural! Pop on some lip gloss and you’ll be fine! Growing out your hair is a good idea too. Don’t stress if you can’t dye it, you can mix it up for school  by trying different hairstyles and curling it occasionally to keep things fresh. Also, simple touches like keep your nail polish fresh with bright, inviting colors and mixing up the shoes you wear with your uniform are cool touches as well. On top of it all, don’t be afraid to befriend new people, and always keep an open smile! You don’t need make up or dyed hair to reinvent yourself for freshman year, just follow these simple steps and do whatever else comes to mind. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Updates On NMD – Our Artist Of The Month

22 Jul

As promised, we’re going to keep you updated on all the information regarding NMD this month!

First off, Ariel is having her amazing Sweet 16 on July 27th (yes, we know it’s quickly approaching), and if any of you guys live in L.A., or can get to L.A. for the 27th, you can go! It’s both Ariel’s big birthday bash and a coming out party for NMD, so if you think they’re as talented as we are and you can make it to the event, definitely come out and show some support! If you’re interested in attending the party tweet/DM NMD so they can put your name on the guest list!

In addition, @NMDsource is having a contest! Once @NMDofficial reaches 3,000 followers there will be a chance for YOU to win a a phone call and signed poster from NMD themselves! Sound good? We know it does! So go follow both @NMDsource AND @NMDofficial!

Lastly, NMD was just asked to guest star in a new movie and are currently busy filming that along with their numerous other projects! You heard it here first. Stay tuned for more info on what movie it is! ; )

Don’t be late in finding out the Next Big Thing.


The Party On Wheels…Stops Rolling?

22 Jul

Many Bieber fans have latched on to the term “Party On Wheels” as the name for Justin’s tour bus. After all, that’s what he calls it, right? Nope! When asked about his Party On Wheels two days ago he responded “I’ve never heard that expression before” after looking majorly confused. So if you’re a person of decent intelligence you’ll know that this means one of two things: JB was doing some serious drugs before soundcheck that day…or it’s not actually him tweeting.

We all know that Justin does tweet on his account. Fans like Brenda and Bridget have even watched him tweet before while talking to him. The bigger question though is, how often is Justin actually tweeting? How many times have you tweeted him telling him how hot he is when it’s not even him tweeting? Talk about an awkward situation.

We don’t want to cause the apocalypse for some of you, but it just goes to show you that you can’t always believe every word out of Justin’s mouth…or fingers just because he’s famous. If you guys used your noggins, you’d have realized a while back that something was up. As Justin gets busier, the DMs slow down, the tweets are more general, and the follows are increasingly sparse. This would explain why. When Justin is tweeting from one of his phones, you’re pretty safe to assume it’s him. But any other time seems to be fair game for the “mystery tweeter” who calls Justin’s tour bus a “Party On Wheels.”

So the question is, who is it that tweets for Justin? We have an idea, do you? ; )