Ask An Heiress: Freshman Fright

24 Jul
Dear Bieber Heiress,
In September I start my freshman year in High School and I’m kind of Nervous. First of all everyone is going to the same school because my school runs from 5-12th grade. I’m still kind of nervous because some people transferred so that means new [classmates are] coming in. I need help on choosing a new look; the thing is that we wear uniform (burgundy shirt with the school logo, black pants, black shoes) I don’t want everyone to know me as the same girl from 8th grade i want to be different and stand out a bit more. This summer I’ve hit the gym planning to lose some weight and my hair’s growing. I want to have a new look but my parents wont let me wear make-up or die my hair. Bieber Heiress what should i do for my return as a Freshman?
– Y
Dear Y,
With a strict uniform and rules against make-up and dyed hair, we can see how you’d feel stuck in reinventing yourself. However, like you said, trimming a few pounds will help people do a double-take when you come back in the fall, as they realize just how good you look. Don’t worry too much about make-up, guys like girls who look natural, and we know that everyone will tell you this and girls never want to believe it, but it’s true. Girls who cake on foundation and concealer “just because” are only making their skin worse, since make up clogs your pores. Keep it natural! Pop on some lip gloss and you’ll be fine! Growing out your hair is a good idea too. Don’t stress if you can’t dye it, you can mix it up for school  by trying different hairstyles and curling it occasionally to keep things fresh. Also, simple touches like keep your nail polish fresh with bright, inviting colors and mixing up the shoes you wear with your uniform are cool touches as well. On top of it all, don’t be afraid to befriend new people, and always keep an open smile! You don’t need make up or dyed hair to reinvent yourself for freshman year, just follow these simple steps and do whatever else comes to mind. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

One Response to “Ask An Heiress: Freshman Fright”

  1. Y August 26, 2010 at 3:49 pm #

    Thanks helpeddd alot ❤

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