Contest Winner: Elisa Krebs

26 Jul

If you remember, a while back we had a contest where we asked you guys to send us your videos promoting Bieber Aid (@BieberAid), an awesome movement started by our friend Sheila, where for every follower she gets she donates 5 cents of her own money to different cancer associations monthly. We got some really awesome entries, and it was hard to choose a winner! However, we think the video below took the cake:

Congrats Elisa! Everyone should go follow Elisa at @ElisaKrebs because she’s amazing! Support the video, and Bieber Aid, and post it all over Twitter! Help Elisa get the views she deserves and help Bieber Aid get the attention and support she deserves!

Together we can Kick Cancer.



One Response to “Contest Winner: Elisa Krebs”

  1. Jen (: August 1, 2010 at 1:24 am #

    aww that was a really good video!

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