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February 26th: What You Really Wanted To Know…

30 Aug

So since our very first post about it, you guys have been wanting to know what really happened the night Sara flashed Justin. Did he ask her? Did she volunteer to do it? How did it all go down? Well we’ve known for a while, but wanted to share it all with you guys: through a firsthand account. If you don’t want to know the truth, don’t read on.

Everyone has been coming to me for a while now, asking me about my story and my side of the incident, of  when I flashed Justin. It was a Friday night, February 26th to be exact. I had just come home from a party, it was about 2 am, and I was a bit under the influence when I arrived home because I had been drinking earlier that evening. I went and sat down at my desk and Skyped a couple of my friends, whose names I won’t speak of, and we were having fun and joking around. I saw Justin got online, so I messaged him saying “whats up” and so on and we talked for a little bit. This was not the first time we’d talked. After a little bit of talking we were joking around with each other and flashing him came up. I was still on Skype with my friends while on iChat with him, and I remember clearly being like “haha whatever, I’ll do it as a joke. It’ll be funny, like it’s just boobs.” So when the subject of me flashing him was brought up once again I decided “what the hell, it’ll be funny, I’ll do it.” At first I started to pull down my shirt, and I heard someone laugh. I was like “are you with someone”, and he claimed he wasn’t. I didn’t believe him and hung up the video call, so he messaged me and convinced me that he was not with anyone else. So then I called back and I quickly just pulled down my shirt, counted to 3, then pulled it back up. My friends and I thought it was hilarious and were cracking up, we thought it was just no big deal, then I hear this “gotcha!” and he hung up the call. He then called back a couple minutes later, and what do you know, he was with someone.. So I not only flashed him, but I flashed his friend (whose name I will not speak of). We laughed about it and I gave him shit for lying to me, but I thought, “whatever, it’s just boobs who cares, everyone has them…” Well his friend decided to leak the screen shot that he (his friend) took of me (that I didn’t know about), to a few people. Slowly those people showed others, and they showed more, and soon I was seeing my chest. All. Over. The internet.

I thought this was all going to be some funny one time thing.. I was completely wrong. It turned into something so much bigger than that, my name was trashed, and I became this biggest whore on the internet, well at least that’s what I felt like.. And all for flashing one boy, one time. If I ever thought even for a second that what I did would have led to all of this drama and hatred and loss of respect, I would have never even thought about doing it, but the fact is, at that point in time I thought it’d be funny, but I was obviously wrong in my decision. I made a mistake, a mistake that not a single one of you will let me live down, and I understand I don’t live my life with regrets, and its only twitter, and the internet, I will never meet 95% of you ever in my life.. But still it does still hurt.. It hurts to get threats, it hurts me to think I lost the respect of so many people, and it hurt to think I set such a bad example for so many of you younger girls. Im sorry for what I did and I’m sorry some of you lost respect for me, but please don’t think that disrespecting your body and who you are, just to get the attention of a boy, is the right thing to do.. It’s not, no matter who the boy is. Never disrespect who you are just to impress another. Simple jokes can turn into huge things.. So be careful the decisions you make in life, because my one little mistake turned into one huge incident, that has destroyed a little piece of my life, because I’m not only on the internet right now, my story and incident has even been brought to TV and to the news. My town, my family, my friends, the world all know of my mistake. Something that I “thought” would be a one time funny thing.

So please I hope you all can learn from what I did.. I know I’ve learned from it. I don’t ever wanna see anyone else go through the hell, I’ve had to go through. All I can hope now is that one day this will blow over, and my life will go back to normal, because now that people in my real life, in my town, known of this, who knows what’s going to happen. It sucks, all of it, but please give me a break.. I’ve dealt with your harassment and your ridicule for months now, I just want a little break and understanding. You don’t have to like me, not everyone will like you in life, but at least just please leave me to my life if you don’t. I’ve done nothing to hurt or attack any of you, and I’ve respected you all and what you’ve had to say to me, I’ve taken it and kept my chin up and pushed forward, I just hope eventually you can all do the same.  I’ve dealt with the hate and I’ve dealt with the verbal abusive for long enough, and it’s gone so far, please just leave me be to my life, that’s all I’m asking. Respect me; I respect you. Just imagine being in my shoes. The things and hell I’ve had to go through over one little mistake.. So please think before you attack me, because theres not much more I can take, you all are trying to “win”, but this isn’t some win or lose situation. I’ve lost a lot from all of this, there is no winning for me, you all “won” a while ago, and I get that. I’m just trying to live my life.

So hopefully now you all have your answers and are okay with what you’ve heard.  And I’m sorry any of this ever happened. Please don’t ever make the mistake I made. Learn from me. Thank you so much or reading this.
Love always,
Sara Balyeat

So there you have it, what really went on the night Sara flashed Justin. Yes, the screenshot is real. Yes, he asked her. Yes, she made a mistake and did it. Now that you have the whole story, maybe that’ll put some perspective on what you believe about situations. You never know when you could be taken advantage of because of a similar mistake.



Sara and Ryan Call It Quits!

3 Aug

We’re sure you’ve all heard that Sara Balyeat and Ryan Butler are OVER. Wanna know why? We’ve got the details.

Sara drove 6 hours to see Ryan at Justin’s concert the other day. While she made it seem as if she just didn’t get to see Ryan, that’s not the case. Ryan sat in front of her for the concert and ignored her the whole time! Harsh, right? To top it off, Sara’s Facebook status has Ryan laughing…literally! While she is upset and heartbroken, he doesn’t seem affected at all by their breakup.

If you’re wondering why Ryan was so cold towards Sara all of a sudden, maybe, just maybe it’s because Justin hates her? It’s not hard to see that Sara is a user, and did anything she could to get close to Justin, but we won’t mention that incident again. We hear that on her recent Twitcam she was saying how she doesn’t like Justin, and honey, the feelings are clearly mutual. Justin talks crap about her all the time and is really protective of his best bud Ryan. Quite frankly, we don’t blame the two of them for wising up and realizing that Sara is no good! After all, Sara is the one who had a “thing”, as she calls it, with Ryan, then got into a “fight” with Ryan, which is when she decided that it’d be a good idea to do that dirty deed she did. Someone is a smart cookie! Now she doesn’t have Justin or Ryan, and Justin thinks Sara is a major slut.

For us, it all goes back to the fact that Sara was a huge Justin fan before all this, then suddenly wanted to become a singer once she got a lot of followers, then she befriended Ryan, and the rest is history. We can’t help but think she’d be using them as well.

We bet Sara feels really good now that she knows that she doesn’t have Ryan around to stick up for her and ask us not to write about her on our blog. It’s over, and Ryan finally realized that he was “with” the wrong girl. At the end of the day Sara is a college drop out who is a total lush, she throws back drinks like she’s a fish, and is a little bit too loose for comfort.

Basically, little Sara Tussy got played like a broken down Xbox. Game Over.