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Justin + Jasmine: Why No One Fesses Up

22 Sep

We all know you guys were wondering about what was up with Jasmine and Justin, and when he said his usual line of being “single and ready to mingle”, you guys all believed him. However, once you guys saw the proof in the pudding (or the pictures if we’re being literal), not only were you guys shocked, you were appalled that he would lie to his fans.

Newsflash ladies: when Justin is tweeting you telling the world that he’s “single”, it’s not Justin, it’s Scooter that you’re listening to. Not only is Scooter Justin’s manager, but he likes to play the role of social networking publicist as well. Truth is, when you meet Justin, he doesn’t even know half the things you’re talking about if you mention what “he” tweets. Face it, it’s not him writing every tweet, it’s Scooter. And if you don’t believe that we know this for a fact, and you want your own proof, just look at Scooter’s twitter. Him and Justin tweet exactly alike. Coincidence, huh?

Even if it was Justin tweeting, he wouldn’t be able to tell you he’s single. It’s part of the appeal of being a star. Seeming faultless and seeming single are the two main criteria of being a teenage heartthrob. People overly criticize your mistakes so you try to make none, and people across the globe want to marry you, so you give off the appearance of being single. Let us tell you though, it’s not true.

Justin’s a 16 year old boy. Think about your guy friends: they can’t keep it in their pants. What makes you think it’s any different for him because he’s famous and on tour? It’s no different, in fact it’s actually worse in his case. He’s around thousands of girls everyday, famous and nonfamous, and he can literally get with just about anyone. Face it: why would he remain single, waiting for that “special fan”, when he could be hooking up with gorgeous girls everyday? The truth is, he’s not perfect, he’s not asexual, and he’s not single.

Get over the fact that Scooter tweets for him and can’t say that Justin is taken, and enjoy the humor of this whole thing. Jessica isn’t on tour with him anymore and now Jasmine is…hmmm. You know those rainy nights on the road? We know how lonely it gets. Wondering if Jasmine makes her man go “baby, baby, baby, OH!!!”…? That’s one conundrum we won’t answer for you, you’ll just have to figure it out yourself. (Or wait until we tell you…) ; )

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