Odds And Ends

19 Dec

So we remember last summer when we were just starting up and needed followers, so here’s a little heads up on a Twitter you should follow. It’s called @AskEmForAdvice, and they have a blog at http://www.askem.tumblr.com!

Check it out and show them some support! And ask for advice, obviously!

Also, guess what?! We’re going to start blogging again! Regularly! We know we fell off the radar, but things got hard to keep up with! But now we’re back, and hope to continue blogging regularly! If you have any changes you would like to see made on the site, please email BieberHeiress@yahoo.com! You can email us stories, pictures, tips, whatever!

Last, but not least, we entered a contest for Wet Seal, and we would really appreciate if you took the two seconds to follow this link: http://bit.ly/gYr1f3 and click “Love It”! It seems silly, but it is so quick and easy, and we could really use the help to try and win!

That’s about it, keep looking out on here and on our Twitter for new information and blogs!

Thanks for your continued support and Happy Holidays,


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