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iMet Justin: At A Hockey Game!

16 Jul

Check out Carson’s cool story on how she met Justin in Winnipeg at a hockey game, just days after Kristen and her friend met him at the airport!

I live in Winnipeg, Canada. It’s not like New York, or L.A., barely any celebrities are spotted here! Luckily for me, Justin Bieber was the exception. A lot of people I knew had met Justin at the mall, the movies, the skate park, and all around town. My friends and I went to the mall, but never saw him. I thought I would never meet him! But on December 27th, two days after Christmas, the coolest thing happened! I was at a hockey game with some friends, and Justin was there! We were in a private box at the top, and so was he. Security guards filled the halls that connected all the boxes. We knew we never had a chance of meeting him. We were in a box attached to his, but we weren’t allowed to go into his. We were SO close to him, yet so far away! No one was getting a chance to meet him. We became frustrated, and walked out into the hallway. Then I saw Justin’s bodyguard standing outside the men’s bathroom. I told my friends I was going to go talk to him, so I did all by myself. I asked him if we could get a picture with Justin, he said he would have to ask. He went into the bathroom, then came out. He said Justin agreed. All these girls came out into the hallway at that time. Security kicked everyone out. Justin came out and greeted me and my friends. When the security guard tried to take us away, Justin said “no, they’re with me!” I almost died! We got to spend a while talking and taking pictures with Justin. We were the only people at the game who got to talk and hang out with him. He was really sweet, funny, and down to earth! He said we got to hang out with him because I was so polite about asking for a picture, and not pushy at all! It was the best Christmas present ever! Even if the chances are small, still try! By the way, I suggest not freaking out when he come’s out, we all stayed chill, and we actually got to have a good conversation!

So a word to the wise, if you meet Justin, keep your cool! We know, as do a lot of fans, that it’s easier for most celebrities, including Justin, to connect to fans if they’re not freaking out! If you get the chance to meet him, stay chill and just enjoy it! It’s better that way! If you’d like, follow Carson at @carsonr13, and if you want to be featured on iMet Justin, email us at!



iMet Justin: On Christmas!

14 Jul

Here’s Kristen’s story on how she got lucky and met Justin on Christmas day!

So a few days before Christmas, I was talking to my friend Brittany about how I wanted to wait at the airport to try to meet Justin, because at the time his dad lived here, so he came to Winnipeg on Christmas morning. Luckily, Brittany’s mom actually works at the airport, and she’d met Justin several times. I was really close with Paula and Brittany at the time, so Paula offered to take me and Brittany to work with her. So on December 25 at like 3 am I started getting ready and then at 4 am, they picked me up. We got there, it was my first time being in an airport so it was pretty cool. We just chilled and we talked about what we were gonna say to Justin. We went to the stores and got a magazine with posters in it that he could sign for us. We also got sour patch kids for him! As the hours past we got bored and just sat on the bench and played silly games until I turned around and saw Justin’s dad Jeremy. I was like ”OMG OMG BRITTANY IT’S HIS DAD!” She didn’t believe me at first, but then Paula was on break too so we all went to go talk to him. Paula told him how I was a big fan and wanted to meet Justin and Jeremy said to me ”on Christmas morning?!?! Whoa. ” I was shaking like crazy! Then the convo ended and we went back to the bench and Jeremy was just standing there waiting. We were watching the stairs, where Justin was gonna come out. And then we noticed Jeremy walked towards there, so we figured Justin was coming soon! And we were getting everything ready, our posters, sharpie, and the sour patch kids. Our heads were faced down, so I looked up and Justin was right there on his knees getting his dog Sam out of his dog cage thingy. My heart started beating, my jaw dropped, my face turned REALLY white, and I said ” Justin! COME HERE, CAN WE GET YOUR AUTOGRAPH AND GET A PICTURE?! ” Justins said ‘sure,’ and smiled. We gave Jeremy the camera and he took a couple pictures. Justin said to me ”I like your shirt!” and I was like ”thanks, I like it too, ” since it was a shirt with a picture of him on the front. Then he walked away from us, so we called him back to sign our posters! He went “oh!” and then said ”so what time did you guys get here?” We said 4 am and he was like ”whoa!”, laughed, then he said ”How did you know I was gonna be here?”, then Brittany looked at me, and then Justin looked at me and I said nothing. I was so nervous! Then he was like ”do you guys have a sharpie?”, so I gave him ours. Then we gave him the sour patch kids and he was like ”aww thank you!!!” It was amazing! We said bye, I wish I had hugged him though. He’s really sweet, his eyes are big and brown, his hair was just…whoa. Then as we were waiting for my mom to pick us up I kept saying ”HE TOUCHED ME, HE TOUCHED ME!!!!! ” I was crying my eyes out, and this old lady looked at me, and I yelled at her and said ”WHAT?! I JUST MET JUSTIN BIEBER!” Then I went home, still crying. It was the best day of my life; I’ll never forget it. It was definitely the best Christmas EVER.

That was a pretty cool Christmas gift, right? Don’t forget, it you have a cool story of how you met Justin, email us at!


iMet Justin: Bowling Bonanza

9 Jul

Here’s the newest addition to Bieber Heiress: our iMet Justin feature! Here’s Laryssa’s story on how she had a roller coaster of an experience meeting Justin, that turned out perfectly!

So, on March 23, 2010, the My World 2.0 album release date, I was the only girl out of 200 girls to actually bowl with Justin at Lucky Strike. When I got to my lane.. there was about 100 people in it: press, Def Jam people, and Justin’s people. In every other lane there was only 4 people. When I was in my lane Pattie was standing right next to me so I started talking to her and I got a picture with her, causing all these other girls to start yelling to Pattie: “JUSTIN’S MOM TAKE A PICTURE WITH ME!” I recognized Justin’s grandma, asked for a picture, and she was like “you want a picture with me, an old lady?”When we were about to take the picture she called Pattie over to be in the picture too. Before I got to bowl with Justin, Nick Cannon got to bowl, and once that was over I saw Justin say “no, that’s it, I’m leaving, I can’t [do this]” to Scooter Braun’s dad. Justin wanted to leave because all of the girls were going crazy and he was too claustrophobic. A minute after that, a girl asked for a picture with him and he took one. I didn’t want him to leave without me getting a picture with him, so I followed suit and asked him for a picture as well. Without even looking up at me he said “NO” in a loud, kind of rude way. I had butterflies in my stomach and I was excited, and once he said no to me I started to cry. I didn’t cry because Justin Bieber wouldn’t take a  picture with me, it was because all I had done for him: buyouts, letters, Bieberblasting, etc., and he wouldn’t even take a picture with me. Before Justin actually left he was sitting on my sweatshirt eating some food. Once I started to cry, I ran across the room with my sister following me. I was about to leave until I realized that I needed to get my sweatshirt and shoes. Once I went back Pattie saw me crying, and for about 10 minutes she was privately talking to me, telling me how Justin isn’t a jerk, the past 3 days had been hard for him, and that the event wasn’t what the people told him “Bowling With Bieber” was going to be like. Pattie probably said something to Justin, so he came over to me and directed me against a wall and was like “I’m really sorry. It’s all my fault I am like REALLY sorry.” In return, I was like “oh, its okay…it’s all fine, it’s not your fault.” Then he was like “lets take a picture”,  and by accident he took my phone thinking it was a camera and then he realized it wasn’t, so he told some lady to take a picture of us and then take pictures of us bowling. He said “wanna bowl?” and I was like “YEAAHHH!”, so when we went in our lane he gave me a bowling ball and my hands dropped so he was like “too heavy?” (in a joking tone), and I was like “yeahhhh”, so he gave me another one. I bowled a gutter ball so he was laughing and said “let’s go to this lane, it has bumpers.” I’m not the best bowler but every time I was knocking pins down, Justin kept giving me high fives and stuff. He hugged me about 8 times that night, I think he felt really bad, but I didn’t want him to feel bad because I had felt bad earlier. We talked about regular things like when his plane leaves, where I live, how we like NYC, and then I asked him if he is ever going to have a blonde in one of his music videos. Pattie started laughing and was like “GOOD QUESTION!!!!” and Justin didn’t really answer. Then some guy was like, “okay a few more and [then] Justin needs to go”, so when it was over we gave each other another high five and I went over to Pattie and hugged her because none of this would have happened without her. Once that was over, I went outside and I saw Gona and Stephanie and I talked to them for a little bit, but I didn’t tell them about me actually bowling with him. I didn’t even tell my friends besides my 2 closest friends,because I didn’t want to brag or anyone to feel bad. Once I was leaving I still had butterflies, and I wouldn’t eat for like 2 days. Justin is such a sweetheart, and that day showed me that he really does care about his fans!

How awesome is Pattie for doing that for Laryssa? Here are some pictures from Laryssa’s adventure bowling with Justin:

Follow Laryssa at @LaryssaDQ_Biebs! Would YOU like to be featured on iMet Justin? Send your stories and pictures to!