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Justin’s Friends

29 Jul

We get tons, and we mean tons, of requests every week asking us to blog, both positively and negatively about Justin’s friends. We like to see how you guys feel on things, so we’re wondering, who do you like best ou t of all the people Justin hangs out with? Ryan Butler, the Stratford boy who Justin’s known since he was 7? Chaz Somers, the hilarious kid Justin met at a hockey game? Julian Swirsky, a teenage producer who lives in L.A.? Or Sean Kingston, Justin’s tour buddy? Tell us below.

It may seem dumb, and we’re sure some of you feel like this is pointless, but polls like this help us get a better idea on who/what you like to read about, so vote! Thanks ladies (and whatever gentlemen might be reading this as well.)



Has Justin Changed?

28 Jul

Lately Bieber fans have been taking sides on the big question that many of you all wonder: “has Justin Bieber changed?” We’ve heard of him being rude to people at meet and greets and when he runs into fans randomly, and everyone of course talks about how he doesn’t tweet as many personal things as he used to anymore.

On one hand, Justin has a certain right to be guarded. Everyone thinks fame is living the life, and that there’s no reason to ever be upset when you’re famous, but that’s not the case. If anything, fame makes you more vulnerable than you’d be originally. Do you guys realize that everyday Justin has fans literally chasing him, trying to kiss him, and asking questions that really aren’t their business? Wouldn’t you feel defensive too if one day guys just randomly came up to you and tried to kiss you when you gave them a hug or chased you down for a picture when you’re just trying to shop? There’s a certain amount of space needed to not suffocate from the exposure. You guys hear about his life on the radio, on Twitter, through his friends, and on TV. A person can only make themselves so vulnerable until it becomes unhealthy and the lifestyle is no longer fun. Look how many teen stars, and adult stars on top of it, have lost it all because they just couldn’t take it anymore? We’re not implying that Justin doesn’t love his job, his fans, or his lifestyle. We’re just saying that there are certain times where he just wants space to be a kid.

On the other hand, it isn’t right to be rude to fans, and we know you all have heard stories about that being the case. We know that you guys paid upwards of $300 for your soundcheck tickets and don’t appreciate short, curt answers from him. We know that some of you guys worked really hard to win meet and greet passes. And we know it sucks after all that effort to have a bad experience. That by no means is okay. We totally understand the “we pay all Justin’s bills and buy all his stuff by supporting him” mentality. We get that it’s frustrating when he’s rude, even through DMs to you guys.

To the people that doubt that Justin sends rude DMs though, you need to get out of La La Land, it’s corrupting your mind into mindless ignorance. We’ve seen DMs from fans that have emailed us that say mean things and sometimes even swear words. So don’t think Justin is perfect and does no wrong; it’s not true.

Complaining that Justin’s tweets aren’t personal enough are just ridiculous. First off, he tweets more than basically any other celebrity on Twitter, and second off, his tweets are personal sometimes. He tells you guys what he’s doing and who he’s hanging out with. Isn’t that enough? Because some of you guys seem to want him to tweet about him brushing his teeth and tying his shoes as if those are some special actions that only Justin Bieber can do.

If you’re really upset about Justin’s behavior don’t spread drama. It’s a choice to be a fan, not an obligation. If it hurts you that much, remove yourself from being that attached to him. He makes mistakes, whether they’re right or not. It’s your decision to make to choose whether or not you should be a fan of his, it’s not his job to convince you. So the pity tweets to him need to stop. He’s not going to tweet/DM you saying “I’m sorry I’m a jerk at meet and greets and get frustrated with fans easily. Please still be my fan.” So if that’s what you want, don’t get your hopes up.

Do you guys realize that if you were out enjoying summer this drama wouldn’t start? But instead you guys sit on Twitter, gossip, start fights with each other, and complain. How ridiculous is that? We didn’t even hear about this drama till this morning because guess what we were doing last night when this was happening? Enjoying our summer with friends. Get off Twitter and enjoy your friends, your family, and the warm weather, and stop stressing yourself out about a guy hundreds of miles away from you who’s doing just that and living his dream on top of it, and his swarms of fans. Live your life and just have fun. Twitter drama is just unnecessary stress in your life.

Justin is 16, he makes rash decisions that mess up his relationships with people, in this case his fans, just like we do everyday when we say something we don’t mean to someone we care about in the heat of the moment. His actions aren’t right, but they’re not a lethal crime either. Forgive him and accept that he’s a normal teenager who messes up or keep acting like he’s Mary, the Mother of Jesus who does no wrong, and choose not to forgive him over this. It’s up to you, but either way, save the drama for your mama.


Bieber Did NOT Steal Songs.

15 Jul

Lately we’ve been seeing a lot of rumors go around about how Justin had supposedly “stolen” multiple songs on his albums. Weary Bieber fans should rest assured though, he did not steal any songs. When we see rumors like this go around it completely confirms the notion that some fans are overly obsessive and don’t use the logic that they posses.

If you’re one of the people accusing Justin of stealing songs, or even one of the people believing he did, you clearly have no idea how the music industry works. Songs may be shopped around to multiple artists before one artist decides to claim it and use it for a single or on an album. Look at this scenario: Travis Garland recorded the Demo “Sexy Together”, but he either recorded it to illustrate how the vocals should sound or because he was considering using the track. Either way it didn’t end up being used by him. Listen to “Sexy Together” here: youtube= and you’ll realize that it’s the same track as “Never Say Never” by Justin Bieber: youtube=

Same song, different lyrics. That’s because after Travis recorded the demo, Justin’s people picked it up for him to record as a potential track for Justin’s album. The lyrics were reworked, which is how Justin gets co-writing credits. So to everyone saying he writes “one word”, you’re horribly mistaken. In songs like “Down To Earth”, which many of you guys are saying is one of the “stolen” ones, he co-writes it; the whole second verse in “Down To Earth” was written by Justin himself. Back to the case of “Never Say Never”, after the track didn’t end up as a final track on Justin’s album, his people worked to see how else they can use the track in order to still put the song to use, and they ended up using it as one of the songs in “The Karate Kid”.

Justin does not steal songs; if you should know one thing about Scooter Braun it’s that he knows what he’s doing. Justin doesn’t steal songs, songs can get shopped around to different artists for MONTHS before an artist will pick it up, that’s why you can find already recorded versions on YouTube. A band like The Script will write a song, realize it isn’t a good fit for them/their album, so in order to still capitalize off of the track they’ll shop it around, and artists like Kris Allen will pick it up and use it for themselves. It’s just how the recording industry and the music business works. So if you have no idea what you’re talking about, don’t spread rumors and freak out easily impressionable fans. And if you don’t believe what we’re saying, look up Drake’s new song “Fancy” on his album Thank Me Later;  it was originally supposed to be used by Mary J. Blige.


Skype Shenanigans

10 Jul

Why do people fall for the “the next 10 followers to go follow so-and-so will get Justin’s skype!”? Seriously, it’s not true, and you guys are just falling for a lame trick to help someone else get more followers. If these people had Justin’s skype, they wouldn’t need to feel special by getting more followers on Bieber fan Twitter.

These people clearly aren’t giving away Justin’s real skype, but say that they were. How is that fair to him? When people offer to just nonchalantly hand out his number, skype, and Facebook, it doesn’t benefit you, and only hurts him. You obviously don’t understand how hard it is for celebrities to maintain any kind of private life, and Justin is still a kid, why invade his privacy? He wants to be able to videochat with his friends and have a Facebook, why take that liberty from him? If you got his skype he wouldn’t talk to you, so getting all his information is pointless. Do you know how it feels to have girls call you and scream in your ear asking if it’s Justin, or to have your skype hacked, or to get hundreds of friend requests from random fans? No. So you can’t possibly understand how frustrating it is.

Similarly, it’s not fair to him to try and say that “if he loved his fans he wouldn’t bother talking to us!” That’s not true. You can appreciate your fans without having them in your private life. How would you feel if someone randomly added you on Skype and tried to videochat you, when you had no idea who they are? It’s the same premise. When girls just add his accounts, it’s just like adding someone you don’t know, and it’s pretty weird.

Bottom line: if someone’s offering you his skype to go follow someone, it’s not true. And if you cyber-stalk him to get any of his personal accounts, you’re wasting your time and energy, because all it will accomplish is frustrating a 16 year old guy who wants to maintain some kind of a private life.



7 Jul

We just wanted to say THANK YOU. Yesterday, our 3 week anniversary of being a site, we hit 100,000 views! It means so much to us that you guys take the time to read, comment, and spread the word about our blogs. What started as a joke between a couple friends has now become something we’re really investing our time in, and it’s all because of you.

To those that love and support us, thank you so much. Thanks for taking the time to talk to us and email us just to say “hi”, and realize that we’re not monsters just because we run a gossip site. To the people who hate us, thanks for your support too. And yes, we say support because haters only make us more famous. When you go around saying how much you hate our site, it spreads the word, and more people check it out. So thanks for the free publicity!
We are completely serious about how taken aback we about about the response to this blog! We’re going to continue this site and hopefully continue to entertain you all. Love us or hate us, we’ll still speak our mind.


What Would YOU Like To See On Our Site?

6 Jul

We want to do our best at staying your favorite blog, whether you love to hate us, hate to love us, or just love us no matter what. We want to mix things up and keep your interests in consideration, so we want to know what kinds of things you want to see on our site! It can be absolutely whatever you think would be cool on our site! We’ll read all your emails and respond! Send us ideas on how we can branch out on our site at!

Thanks guys!


Our Thoughts On The Buyout Drama

5 Jul

In theory, buyouts are a great idea. You gather a huge group of fans, go buy a ton of an artist’s CDs, then donate them to a worthwhile cause. Yet, all buyouts seem to do is cause more drama. Ever since Justin showed up to one buyout, people make him feel obligated to go the them all, and purposely schedule them on days where Justin will be in town. That’s cute and all, but you shouldn’t go to a buyout solely in the hopes of meeting Justin. That defeats the whole purpose of simply supporting him.

With the most recent NYC buyout, the drama surrounded that fact that after Justin left almost everyone, including the people who set up the buyout, left without finishing the buyout. Sure, that’s a bad example to set for all the other fans, but you gotta let things slide once in a while. Now, the drama is surrounding the  Texas buyout, and how after the girls at the buyout waited hours to meet Justin, only a select few are getting to meet him. We have very mixed feelings about this whole situation. Sure, you shouldn’t go to a buyout simply in the hopes of meeting Justin, but that’s what most fans do, even the people organizing it.

So on one hand, we see where some of you are coming from saying it’s not fair that only some people are meeting Justin, when you’re right, even the leaders that tweeted on the buyout’s Twitter were begging Justin to show up. So is it right that the person who simply chose the day, address, and time of the buyout gets to meet him and pick 7 people to go with her, when everyone who went was a fan, and they all went in the hopes of Justin coming? Let’s face it, the person that organizes the buyout doesn’t have to string streamers from a ceiling, or put blood, sweat, and tears into organizing, even though it may seem that way. So is it really fair that only certain fans get to meet him?

On the other hand, we think people are overreacting. Would you want people hating on you if you were in Kayli’s position? We don’t think so. We think that some Bieber fans need to have a big wake up call and realize that being selfish and jealous isn’t getting them anywhere, specifically closer to Justin.

Also, to everyone complaining to Justin about how he didn’t come to the buyout, and how you’re not mad at Kayli or anyone going, but instead at him, you’re just ridiculous. We know our fair share of celebrities, and being on tour isn’t a cakewalk like it seems. Sure, days off are tons of fun, and typically besides maybe some press, you can have the day to yourself. But on concert days there’s tons of press for radio stations, news channels, and even newspapers, and rehearsals and preparations have to be done quickly to make room for sound check, meet-and-greets, and time before the show for the artist to relax. It’s not all fun and games all day, there’s a lot of things that you don’t know about that go into touring. Justin doesn’t magically go on stage at 9pm after getting deep tissue massages all day. Touring is hard work. Plus, for people like Justin, who are still in school, they have to fit in time to do work and tests, too. It’s not as easy as some of you guys think, so stop being naive about all the work that goes into his day, and stop trying to guilt-trip him. It’s not fair to him.

We think both sides of the situation have their faults in arguments, but who we really feel bad for is all the small town girls out there. There are girls, who live in tiny towns, not in the middle of Texas, or New York City, or L.A., who can’t even organize a legitimate buyout because their town is small. They can’t even hope that Justin will show up because he’s not coming to their town on tour. They don’t get to see him on tour, and have never seen him live, and it might not be feasible for them to travel to another city for a show. When you’re complaining, think about that girl. She’s on Twitter, reading this immature drama, and why don’t you imagine how she feels? She’s not getting to see Justin on tour, much less meet him, and she has to deal with that. We know there are plenty of girls out there in that situation.

It’s easy to tell people not to be jealous of someone else when you’ve already met him, or seen him live. It’s easy to hope that Justin will stop by during your buyout, since you live in a big city. But it isn’t easy to be the girl who can only see his concert on YouTube, and only hope that somehow, someway they’ll meet Justin someday.

So we think all of you who are selfish and complain out of jealousy all the time for someone else meeting Justin or being “favored”, think about how it must feel for the girls who don’t even have a chance at the opportunities to see Justin that you all have. So if you’re reading this, and you’re a girl who lives in a small town, hasn’t met Justin, and won’t be seeing him on tour, just know we wrote this for you. We wish everyone could have a chance to meet Justin, but especially loyal fans like you who don’t just like him for the perks, or organize things because he’ll be on tour in your city that day. You support his music as best as you can, and that’s what makes you so great. So in the midst of this drama, smile. Hopefully somehow you’ll get to meet him soon.