31 Dec

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Sad, Sad, Sad Situation

29 Dec

We have been sent the following picture multiple times, and although at first we weren’t going to blog about it, we felt like maybe there was some worth in addressing the situation.

Warning: Please don’t look at the following picture if you are easily offended.

This picture has been surfacing around the ‘Belieber World’ for a couple days now, and we’re seriously saddened looking at this picture. Although there is a chance this could be some crafty marker tattoo made to look gruesome, the harsh reality is that this is in fact most likely the product of a crazed fan cutting herself because of Justin.

We understand that many of you love Justin, some of you to the point of where you’re hurt by his actions, but once again, we remind you that none of us have control over his actions, and that as fans, we cannot take the level of fandom from support to obsession. Always remember, that just as you love Justin, Justin loves and appreciates you too for your unwavering support of him and all his endeavors. Don’t ever feel as if you’re unnoticed or invisible, as he does his best to try and acknowledge every one of his fans.

If you’re battling emotional and/or mental issues, and use cutting or other means of self-harm as a way of coping, remember, there is ALWAYS help. A friend, family member, teacher, or counselor can all be useful means to express your problems and seek out assistance. And if you’re feeling suicidal and need help immediately:
Check out http://www.suicidepreventionlifeline.org, or call 1-800-273-8255 at anytime, day or night.

Always remember you’re beautiful; always remember you have worth. We love each and every one of you guys…thanks for all your support.


Rude and Uncalled For

29 Dec

We follow a whopping 400 of you guys, because you ask us and we’re happy to oblige you guys, and right now our timeline is blowing up with tweets about Justin supposedly buying condoms?

Let’s just say a few things. First off, criticizing Justin’s virginity, or lack there of, is actually immature and ridiculous. If he was buying condoms by chance, at least he’s being safe. Who cares if Selena is 18? If they’re in a relationship and are happy, that’s what matters. Not whether they’re having sex or not. And Selena is NOT going to get arrested if she has sex with Justin, so you guys should stop saying that.

There’s not much to elaborate on because everything is purely speculation at the moment, but just because you thought Justin would wait till the day he met you to get it on, doesn’t mean you can’t praise a smart choice. Ever seen an episode of 16 & Pregnant? There are a lot of consequences to unprotected sex. So if abstinence is out of the picture, we should be happy that our fellow teens are choosing to make smart, safe decisions.

All in all, this is an obnoxious rumor, and it should end now. Selena and Justin are both the children of teen moms, so if this is true, we should be happy that they’re trying to take the lessons they learned and put them to use. We don’t need the lovable teen who sings “Baby,” to have a baby anytime soon.


Justena: Tonsil Hockey?

28 Dec

So instead of Jelena, we’re using Justena, because…well we don’t really know why. We got a couple different emails about a picture of Justin and Selena “kissing,” asking us to debunk the myth that it was real. However, we think this picture is 100% authentic.

The necklace is clearly the same, and the hairstyles are identical. Not to mention Justin’s fingers. We don’t know why, but some reason we think he has really recognizable hands, and in the picture below you can see it’s clearly his hands in the picture above.

So clearly it’s Justin, but now to assure that the chica he’s kissing is surely Selena.

We made sure to show a pic where you can see her profile, including her ears, to prove that it is indeed her. Even the eyebrows are the same. It’s pretty obvious that it’s Miss Gomez. So we already know they’re definitely dating, and now we know that although Selena doesn’t Kiss and Tell, the camera sure does.

Although many people didn’t see this coming, we see this as a relationship that could last!!! What do YOU think? Is Justena together forever or a flame that’ll soon burn out? Tell us your thoughts!


Well If It Wasn’t Obvious Before…

28 Dec

Now it is.

Check out the question 10 seconds in.
He didn’t even bother to deny it.



Big Changes

24 Dec

So we’ll probably hear mixed feelings about this, but we have some changes, and some opportunities, that some of you are going to love.

First off, we’re looking for a new member of Bieber Heiress. Yes, you read correctly, ONE new member of Bieber Heiress. We all know each other, so it’ll be odd having a member on the team who we don’t know personally, but this could be a great experience and a great change, so we’re going to take applications.

If you would like to be apart of BH please send your applications to BieberHeiress@yahoo.com by DECEMBER 31st and make the subject “Bieber Heiress Application.” We get a lot of emails with information and questions, so please remember to put in the appropriate subject so we know what we’re opening. And yes, we know that December 31st is short notice with it being the Holidays and all, but life’s all about deadlines and goals.

***We’re no longer taking applications for Bieber Heiress, considering we got flooded with applications last night. If you would like experience being a celebrity blogger, feel free to apply for HWood Heiress, we’re still going through applications over there. Sorry for the inconvenience!***

Twitter Account:
State: (so we  know your time zone. Believe it or not, that’s important.)
Writing experience:
Thoughts on Justin Bieber in General:
Why you would like to be apart of Bieber Heiress

We’ll warn you now: blatant spelling and grammatical errors, along with lack of proper capitalization and punctuation will significantly lower your chances of being considered. We’re looking for serious, goal-oriented people who want to write for a gossip blog. Serious applicants only.

But that’s not it! We’ve been asked about this a lot lately, and YES, we are bringing back HWood Heiress!!! We’re looking for THREE new members of HH! We’re trying to branch out, and we’ll be splitting up between Bieber Heiress and HWood Heiress, and we’re looking for people to join our team. You have until DECEMBER 31st to apply at HWoodHeiress@yahoo.com

We’re looking for a celebrity fashion specialist, a music specialist, and a television/movie specialist. Please title the email with your application “Celebrity Fashion Application”, “Music Application” or “Television/Movie Application”

Writing Experience:
Why you’re qualified to write about fashion/music/tv: Ex: do you go to a lot of concerts, are you really fashion forward, etc. GIVE EXAMPLES!
With some of us leaving because of school and sports, we hope to have our new teams for Bieber Heiress and HWood Heiress fully constructed at the start of the New Year! Please be prompt in checking your emails, as we’ll respond, ask you for clarification, etc., and if you don’t respond timely, it doesn’t look good.

Feel free to apply for both blogs, but inside the body of the email please state that you applied to write for the other blog, and state which blog you would prefer to write for. Warning: if we are intrigued by your applications (make them fun and interesting!!!), we will have you write a sample blog. So be prepared to show us your skills!

In other news, on January 1st change is a-coming. We will have a brand new username!!!! Nothing is going to change however, we will still run both BieberHeiress and HWoodHeiress, so please don’t have any heart attacks, we’re just changing our Twitter name to encompass both blogs. We just wanted to give you guys the heads up so in case you’re not online the next couple days because of the Holidays, you’re not shocked/confused when our name changes.

Along with that, we will need a new background, icon, etc. If you’re skilled at graphic design PLEASE EMAIL US AT BieberHeiress@yahoo.com and we can talk specifics. You’ll even get to find out our new name early. ; ) We’d really like to have our new background for January 1st as well, so please, please contact us if you can make great backgrounds, similar to the one we have currently!

That’s about it. Please take time, consideration, and effort when sending these applications. Just as you’re rushing to get them done over the Holidays, we’ll be rushing to evaluate them as well. Have fun with this, catch our eye, and send us applications we’ll enjoy going through while we sit by the fireplace and drink egg nog! (No joking intended haha). Happy Holidays and best of luck!


Jelena: Real Talk

20 Dec

Yes, another post about Selena and Justin. Repetitive, we know. However, you guys don’t seem to be getting tired of these blogs, so that’s all that matters!

First off, Justin and Selena were together again last night. We got exclusive pics of them hanging out with Ariel and Lil Twist after his show last night. For those of you don’ t know, Ariel is one of Justin and Caitlin’s friends from Atlanta, and she hangs out with them a lot.

Lil Twist and Ariel came to see Justin on tour for a few days, before he headed back to Atlanta, so last night the foursome were hanging out, acting like carefree teenagers when this photo was snapped:

Lil Twist’s hand is in the background, and Ariel and Selena are posing for the camera. If that’s not proof that Selena was with Justin last night, here’s your concrete evidence:

Justin is now posing with Ariel and Lil Twist, and Selena took this picture. Personally, we really think people should give up hating on Selena. Look at these pictures, the four friends were clearly having a great time together, and we’re so happy that Justin’s having a great time. As fans you have to realize that he is a teenage boy, he has a life just like we do, and just because you support him and ‘love’ him, you’re not entitled to say who he can and can’t date. If he’s happy with Selena, we’re happy for him. After all, she is a sweetheart!

What’s up with the messed up hair and t-shirt in that picture though Justin? Did you stop spoon swagging and start spooning Selena, with some pizza swagging in between? We kid, we kid. (Kind of). Anyway the cookie crumbles, whatever they do (and don’t do) in their personal life is their business; we just think they’re adorable together.

Similarly, let’s just clear some things up for you guys. Stop trashing Selena saying what she’s doing is awful, immoral, and illegal. It’s not. Plenty of you guys know teenagers and adults in relationships with age differences. Two years is NOT a big deal. So what if he’s younger? They balance each other out well in our opinion. Justin will keep Selena silly and carefree, and Selena can help Justin’s mature side grow. Win/win situation, right? It’s not illegal if they’re together, either. Many of you guys have asked if it’s illegal if they quote “do stuff,” and the answer is, in most cases (and most states), no. And even if it was illegal in the state, Justin’s mom isn’t going to sue Selena. Like we said, Selena is a sweet girl, and if Justin is enjoying her company, Pattie is fine with that. So please stop spreading rumors that Selena’s breaking the law because face it: she’s not.

Every teen star goes through the phase where they can’t tell people that they’re not really single because it helps their career to be single. And every teen star outgrows that phase, and finally comes out to the public with their relationships. (Look at the Jonas Brothers, for example). So if Justin doesn’t admit he’s dating Selena, it’s not a big deal. Whether he comes out and says it or not, you should just be happy he’s living his life and having a great time…being on tour can be stressful, at least he has someone to help him keep his cool.

Until next time,